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Game information: [community profile] fmaversedr & [community profile] fmadressingroom


On the streets of Central, a strange thing is happening. A rift has opened up in space-time, drawing in people from other universes, sometimes even creating duplicates of people who already exist. Nobody can figure out what's happening, but unless it's fixed, the entire world could implode.

Fortunately, that won't happen for thousands of years, so what this means for you is -- you guessed it! -- yet another one of those dressing room communities where everything's made up and the points don't matter apps aren't necessary, every character is welcome, and you may just run into a gang of five Edward Elrics obsessively comparing each other's heights.

Any character - be it canon, game import, AU or even OC are welcome in the [community profile] fmaversedr. There are a few exceptions and restrictions that will be discussed below.

For people that prefer the old way, the [community profile] fmadressingroom is still restricted to FMA canon characters, only.


This is Central City, but not quite as you remember it from any version of FMA canon. You'll be able to find buildings here that exist in the anime or manga -- Military HQ is there, as are the libraries, shops, and homes that people live in. There's also an inn called the Scientific Anomaly Inn, run by a strange man named Gilbert, where the rooms and food are free. But do you really want to stay in a place with a name like that...?

If you dig down underground, you'll eventually come to Dante's underground city, and if you keep digging from there, you'll find Father's lair.

In the center of the city, you can find this sign. It's magic, so it's legible to anyone no matter their language or level of literacy, as long as at the sign is fully within their line of sight.

The trains are running, but they just go in a circle around the city. And Central overlaps itself, so that if you try to leave from the east you'll come back in from the west, and the same for north and south. Radio wave testing has shown that there's nothing "outside" the city, assuming there is an outside; as for what happens if you go up high enough... well, no one's tried that so far!

A select few characters might find that if they walk far enough or get on the right train they will arrive in a mirror world. The [community profile] fmadressingroom is home of the original Fake Central - only FMA characters may pass through this invisible barrier to the other side, and yes they are free to notice the differences in the cities.


For the full, detailed version: go here!

  • So if my character isn't from FMA but they come to Fake Central that means they can use alchemy, right?
    Wrong. This dressing room is set in the FMA universe, but canon rules still apply. Characters are only able to use FMA-verse alchemy if they are actually from the FMA universe. Naturally, this does mean a non-FMA character can use alchemy if they are from an AU where they are from the FMA universe, but not if they are directly from their canon.

    Canon powers are, of course, intact, but they cannot be used to completely destroy the setting or to escape from Fake Central.

  • What's causing everyone to come to Fake Central?
    Wouldn't you like to know.

  • Who's Gilbert, and what's the deal with the food he makes?
    Gilbert is the NPC who runs the Scientific Anomaly Inn, which allows anyone to stay for free. There's also free food provided, whether or not you're a resident! However, sometimes it does... weird things. There are occasionally events where weird things will happen to whoever ate at the inn, ranging from personality swaps to the growth of cat ears and tails. If you want to participate in an event but your character is too savvy to eat Gilbert's food, you're free to say someone else brought them something to eat and somehow failed to mention where it came from!

    The meat he serves is provided by Barry the Chopper, but this is not common knowledge.

  • So what kinds of characters are allowed here?
    Any character - be it canon, game import, AU or even OC are welcome in the [community profile] fmaversedr. In this game you are not restricted to FMA canons - although they are also allowed!

    The exceptions to this rule are as follows:
    - No 'real people'. Yes, that means no Hitler even though he's FMA canon.
    - No crossover/AU characters that are character A with character B's face- if you want to play character A so bad just play character A.

  • We can play AU characters? So can I put Edward into the Firefly universe and put him into Simon's role?
    Characters who are AU'd into other canons are fine, even if they've taken the "role" of a character from that canon -- we've had an Ed who was president of the Baby-sitters Club, a Russel who had a Geass and was the leader of an underground Ishballan rebellion group, and other characters like that.

    What's not okay is playing a character from another canon with another character as their PB. You can play Ed as being from the Firefly universe, where Al was experimented on by an evil Alliance organization, but if you give Ed Simon Tam's entire personality and there's nothing left of Ed but his face? You're doing it wrong. (Please note that this seems to contradict the OOCness answer below, but it's a different situation; playing a character OOC is one thing, but sneaking a character into the game with icons of another character is still different. Plus there's no reason for it in this DR since you could just play Simon Tam himself.)

    This rule is bendable if your idea is suitably funny, though.

  • So-and-so is being OOC! Can you ban them?
    Nope. Since this is a dressing room, you'll find wildly different versions and interpretations of characters. One person's IC is another person's OOC. Just ignore someone if you don't like how they're playing. You're free to offer up constructive criticism, but if they don't want to listen, that's their right.

    If someone has said to you that they don't like how you're playing and they offer you concrit, once again, you're free not to listen, but please don't get angry at them. You may want to take what they've said into question, but even if you don't want to, try not to get too upset. Just ignore it if you don't like it.

  • How does character death work here?
    In most situations, it doesn't. If your character dies, they die. If you kill your character and then change your mind, you can always retcon it later and say that actually were just hurt really badly, or have them show up again fresh from home with no memories of the dressing room. This is because we really don't want to deal with characters dying and reviving every day, and also because this is a dressing room set in the FMA universe, where death really is permanent.

    There are some exceptions to this -- Homunculi (and other immortal characters, and characters with regenerative powers like Claire Bennett or Wolverine) can die multiple times before they're really "dead", and some characters may be AU versions where death works specially for them. Those will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

  • Are sexytimes allowed?
    Yep! But member-lock any entries where sexy things happen, and mark the entry for adult content (it's in a drop-down box underneath the entry posting field when you post or edit an entry). Also, warn for the content in an OOC note on the post.

  • What's the posting style like?
    Post however you feel comfortable. Originally most people use the "commentspam" style of posting, where any unformatted words are simply text, and actions and thoughts go inside of *asterisks* or [brackets]. Prose format is also allowed, and if you use it, please tag the entry with (prose) (including the parentheses). And it goes without saying, but try to match the format of your comments to that of the post you're responding to.

Tagging system:

The tagging system is currently not in effect. Tagging will resume once the mods determine a system that works best for everyone.

Tag your entries with the following format: character name: username Make sure to include the space between the colon and the username, for uniformity. And please tag entries your character has commented in, as well as entries they've posted. If your character's name has multiple spellings, use whichever spelling has already been used; if your character's name has multiple spellings and none have yet been used, then go ahead and use the one you prefer.

The tags will be cleaned up on occasion so if you consistently use varied spellings your tags will be removed and need to be re-entered.

If your character is an AU version whose name is different (a female Alphonse named Alice, a Riza who married Roy so now her last name is Mustang, or for a non-AU example, a pre-marriage Izumi whose last name is still Harnet), use the canon name anyway. Explanations of the name difference can be mentioned in your journal or on the character info post.

The previous system used character name (canon) and character name (AU), which turned out to be too much of a hassle to keep track of. If you were in the community at that time and remember that style, please disregard it and continue to use the new format. Do not use those tags anymore!

If we ever do go up against the limit, we may remove tags for characters that haven't been used very much or in a very long time. But that's a long way off!

  • Mod Contact -- If something is wrong and you need to get in touch with a mod, please comment there. All comments are screened.
  • Character Directory. -- If you want to know more about a specific character, check here.
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  • [community profile] fmaversedr -- The pan-fandom in-character community.
  • [community profile] fmadressingroom -- The FMA Only DR.
  • [community profile] fmadressingooc -- The out-of-character community, for mod announcements and players to get together and talk!
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