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Last Revised: July 17th, 2017

If you have a question that is not listed on the FAQ, please comment here with it and we shall address it as soon as possible (please give up to one week for moderator discussion).

PLEASE NOTE: Some rules are subject to change depending on the developments of this DR.

FAQ Sections

0. DR-specific Questions
1. The Basics
2. The City
3. What characters can and can't do
4. Jobs & Housing
5. General Communication
6. Game Mechanics
7. Miscellaneous

DR-specific Questions [^]

DR? So what does that mean, exactly?

A dressingroom is a place to try out new characters. While [community profile] fmaversedr is multi-fandom, [community profile] fmadressingroom is restricted to one fandom (Fullmetal Alchemist). There are no apps, and mod involvement is usually minimal... mods are there more to keep things running smoothly and keep players in line than to decide who can and can't play there, or guide players through a big plotline. This DR will hae small plots now and then, some have prompts or events posted by mods.

There are no activity requirements and no application is required to play in either community - both are currently open to the public, so even if you don't know anyone feel free to hop right in!

Explanation of a DR adapted from explanations by [personal profile] penetrations & [personal profile] larvayne, in this news post thread.

Who can apply?

As this is a DR applications are not necessary.

Feel free to join [community profile] fmaversedr with any character you'd like to play
and/or [community profile] fmadressingroom for FMA characters only.

What about multiples?

Multiples and different versions are allowed, that's the nature of a DR.

So there are no activity checks and you can't get kicked for inactivity?


What happens when characters become inactive but haven't dropped?

Characters should act as if the character in question is present and simply quiet until a month has passed. At which point the character would disappear, in the same fashion as characters that are dropped or removed from the game. If and when the player returns with the character they may determine whether their character returned home, or something else happened to cause the disappearance. Once a character returns they could believe they never left at all if the player chooses.

Where do we post? Are action-tags allowed?

Characters should post to the appropriate IC community, either [community profile] fmaversedr or [community profile] fmadressingroom.

As Central is not suited to 'Network posting' interaction is primariy face-to-face. Central does not come with very advanced technology, automail aside - that said, phone conversations came happen if you'd like to play those out. The only exception to this sort of thing is in the favor of magic users. If it fits your character's canon to be able to communicate outside of these limitations - feel free.

Characters with communication devices that rely on technology are out of luck. Cell phones do not work, as Central provides no towers. If devices run on an unexplainable magic, or electricity (and technology available in 1915ish) then have at it. In other words, you can plug in an ipod and still listen to music, but there's no internet and you're stuck with whatever music was on there when you arrived.

Animorphs, of course, retain thought-speak.

The characters that stayed until the FMA DR closed, will they still think they're in the same Fake Central?

Any character from the livejournal community that joins [community profile] fmadressingroom is in the same Fake Central. Characters that move to the [community profile] fmaversedr are welcome to notice or not notice the changes in Fake Central as their player sees fit.

If I dropped my characters before the closing of the original game, can I bring them in now with updated canon, or do they have to be the versions I played before?

They can be updated without issue, as long as they remember their time in Fake Central. This works the same way it did in the original game when your characters came and went.

What controls who comes and goes in Fake Central?
Wouldn't you like to know. This is actually unknown, and is largely believed to be an accidental rift.

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Basics [^]

Where is my character?

Your character is now in Fake Central! For those familiar with the FMA universe, Fake Central appears to be Central except for a very few notable differences. One being the welcome sign you are greeted with, to address that you are no longer in Central, another being the duplicates of people wandering Fake Central's streets - and the last would be a few building changes. There's also a small lake and beyond the lake a forest. Anyone that wanders into the far enough into the forest disappears or finds themselves randomly back in the middle of Central, somehow.

Yes, Amestrians, this is Central. But have you ever seen that weird Inn before?

For more details, please refer to The City.

Speaking of that Inn.... Who's Gilbert?

Gilbert is the NPC who runs the Scientific Anomaly Inn, which allows anyone to stay for free. There's also free food provided, whether or not you're a resident! However, sometimes it does... weird things. There are occasionally events where weird things will happen to whoever ate at the inn, ranging from personality swaps to the growth of cat ears and tails. If you want to participate in an event but your character is too savvy to eat Gilbert's food, you're free to say someone else brought them something to eat and somehow failed to mention where it came from!

The meat he serves is provided by Barry the Chopper, but this is not common knowledge.
(For canonblind players, Barry the Chopper is a Serial Killer. Meat at the inn is usually his human - NPC - victims.)

Why is my character there?

No one knows for sure, characters have been pulled into Fake Central for years. Some even go home (or to another world) only to find themselves back once more.

Can my character leave?

Yes, and no. No one has ever found an exit from Fake Central, but they do exist! Characters come and go all the time (although not as they please). So you're free to search for a way home, but you're only going to get out if Fate or Chance (or your player) determines it's your time to go.

Can my character die? How does character death work here?

Character death is permanent - so while the answer is that yes your character is capable of dying, we'd really rather plots were avoided that would end in character death. If you don't ever intend to play a character again killing them certainly won't stop someone else (or even you) from bringing another version of the same character in - this is a dressingroom! However, as mods we'd simply rather not have death plots and character deaths very frequently so keep death events to a minimum and please alert a mod first.

This is because we really don't want to deal with characters dying and reviving every day, and also because this is a dressing room set in the FMA universe, where death really is permanent Unless your last name is Elric.

Alternately if your character dies, you are able to retcon that they got away seriously injured (barring the obvious like decapitations) or have them disappear after the death and eventually bring them back as a fresh character, with no memories of the DR.

There are some exceptions to this -- Homunculi (and other immortal characters, and characters with regenerative powers like Claire Bennett or Wolverine) can die multiple times before they're really "dead", and some characters may be AU versions where death works specially for them. Those will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Will my character know why they are here?

No, because no one knows! There isn't really a reason.

Who is doing this?

Some may believe it's workings of Father, Dante, or some other big bad evil running around - but in reality it just seems to be how Fake Central works. No one can control it and no one is too powerful to get sucked in.

What can my character expect in Fake Central?

They can expect to meet people strikingly similar and also different from themselves, or loved ones from home. They can expect to find themselves trapped in a world with no apparent escape, and they can expect free food and rooming in the Scientific Anamolly Inn - if they dare. Jobs are available, and if you're around long enough you might find that you really do need one.

One last thing before we move on:

Drama will not be tolerated; you can get banned for stirring up wank. This encompasses the following:

*Shipping wank
*Manga VS Anime VS Brotherhood wank
*How Much The Movie Sucked wank
*Mun VS Mun wank

This game is for fun. So have fun and don't be drama llamas.

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The City [^]

What is the city like?

Just like Central, except for the few odd quirks here and there. Like the trains that never leave the city. If you're not familiar with the FMA universe, allow me to break it down a bit for you. This is a place that looks roughly steam-punk era Europe. FMA canon is set around 1915 on an Earth unlike our own. Amestris seems to be a variation/mix of England and Germany and Amestrian - the native language - is strikingly similar to English.

Amestris was developed by someone with no creativity whatsoever. A circular country was founded, the capitol of said country being Central City. That is where you find yourself - or so it appears. Naturally any real natives of Amestris or Central specifically will inform you how absolutely wrong you are, which is why they've nicknamed the place something much more appropriate: Fake Central.

There's also now a small lake and beyond the lake a forest. Anyone that wanders into the far enough into the forest disappears or finds themselves randomly back in the middle of Central, somehow.

Are there monsters in the city?

Monsters? No, of course not. Unless someone decides to bring some in or there's a certain event that calls for them - life in Fake Central is mostly peaceful.

Is [insert currency here] accepted in Fake Central?

No. Any money from any world brought into the city is completely worthless. You don't really need money to get by, so it shouldn't matter, but if you're from the FMA-verse, yes you can use currency on hand. The thing about Fake Central though, is that if there's 100 Edward Elrics running around, I doubt the banks have enough money to provide all of them with his military issued funding stashed away.

What about health care?

There are doctors and hospitals in Fake Central as there are in regular Central. However, if your character is from a present day or futuristic world - you might find their technology a little lacking.

Why can't my character find the shops in the that were there before?

Because of its instability, Fake Central is in a constant state of flux. This is not to confuse the playerbase, shops may remain where they are for years if players want them to. However, if it gives you an idea for a post to have your character find their favorite cafe no longer on the street they remember it being on - feel free to use this to make your stay at Fake Central interesting.

We always sort of assume there are NPCs . Is that correct?

Sure. Someone has to be Barry the Chopper's victims.

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Characters [^]

What kinds of characters are allowed here?

Any character - be it canon, game import, AU or even OC are welcome in the [community profile] fmaversedr. In that game you are not restricted to FMA canons - although they are also allowed!

The exceptions to this rule are as follows:
- No 'real people'. Yes, that means no Hitler even though he's FMA canon.
- No crossover/AU characters that are character A with character B's face- if you want to play character A so bad just play character A.
- Only FMA canon characters are allowed in [community profile] fmadressingroom

So if my character isn't from FMA but they come to Fake Central that means they can use alchemy?

Nope. This dressing room is set in the FMA universe, but canon rules still apply. Characters are only able to use FMA-verse alchemy if they are actually from the FMA universe. Naturally, this does mean a non-FMA character can use alchemy if they are from an AU where they are from the FMA universe, but not if they are directly from their canon.

Canon powers are, of course, in tact, but they cannot be used to completely destroy the setting or to escape from Fake Central.

We can play AU characters?

Characters who are AU'd into other canons are fine, even if they've taken the "role" of a character from that canon -- we've had an Ed who was president of the Baby-sitters Club, a Russel who had a Geass and was the leader of an underground Ishballan rebellion group, and other characters like that.

What's not okay is playing a character from another canon with another character as their PB. You can play Ed as being from the Firefly universe, where Al was experimented on by an evil Alliance organization, but if you give Ed Simon Tam's entire personality and there's nothing left of Ed but his face? You're doing it wrong. (Please note that this seems to contradict the OOCness answer below, but it's a different situation; playing a character OOC is one thing, but sneaking a character into the game with icons of another character is still different. Plus there's no reason for it in this DR since you could just play Simon Tam himself.)

This rule is bendable if your idea is suitably funny, though.

My character has [insert magical/non-magical ability here]. Can s/he use them in Fake Central?

Yes, canon (or AU) powers remain in tact. Please keep in mind that we're expecting you to avoid breaking the game. Characters can not go on mass killing sprees without being noticed. Teleporters can teleport anywhere within Fake Central. If your character fits into the [community profile] fmadressingroom they may teleport between both communities - other than that, there is no teleporting out of the city.

If you have a question concerning this, feel free to ask.

My character suffers from [insert disease/disability/injury here]. Will s/he still have it in Fake Central?

This will be left up to players, within reason.

What about health? (not health care, the actual health of people). Can they get sick?

Health of characters works the same here as it would in the real world. Again, keep in mind that health care in the FMA-verse is not the same as health care today.

Can people have sex?

Yes, but please try to keep it within locked posts and appropriately labeled. It would be extremely nice of players to move adult content to their own private entries off the communities when situations become graphic.

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Jobs & Housing [^]

What kind of work can be obtained?

Any sort of work. At first the obvious - and easiest work - to obtain is something related to FMA canon. If your character has a skill or ability that may be useful during that time period, they can find a job!

Likewise, if the community becomes overrun with characters from series where demons are an issue, characters from similar canons may find it easier to get jobs as well. A sudden burst of demons is going to require demon slayers, isn't it?

Can my character start their own company?

Yes! If your character is lacking in funds they can take out a loan or find an empty building and get started on their own business. Go wild, who knows what kind of jobs people will be looking for.

How do characters claim houses to live in?

For the most part it's basically hand-waved that a character has a house somewhere within the city, if a player wishes them to. Residing and eating outside of the Inn does require financial stability so characters that do this should have a job.

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Communication [^]

How do the characters communicate within the city?

Interaction is primariy face-to-face. Central does not come with very advanced technology, automail aside - that said, phone conversations came happen if you'd like to play those out. The only exception to this sort of thing is in the favor of magic users. If it fits your character's canon to be able to communicate outside of these limitations - feel free.

Characters with communication devices that rely on technology are out of luck. Cell phones do not work, as Central provides no towers. If devices run on an unexplainable magic, or electricity (and technology available in 1915ish) then have at it. In other words, you can plug in an ipod and still listen to music, but there's no internet and you're stuck with whatever music was on there when you arrived.

Animorphs, of course, retain thought-speak.

What is the journalling system like?

There is no journaling system.

How can everyone understand each other?

Everyone enters Fake Central with the ability and knowledge to speak perfect Amestrian. Characters speak this language naturally, as if it is their mother tongue - if they want to speak a language they know from canon, they are free to do so but that takes effort as if speaking a secondary language rather than the one they're raised with.

Similarly, for intents and purposes in this game, Amestrian = English.

There's an IC chat?

No, there's an OOC chat. fmadressingroom.

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Game Mechanics [^]

What is time/day system like?

It is your average schedule; twenty-four hours in a day, half of which is light and half of which is dark. (Also, it is to be noted that Central has all four seasons: spring, summer, fall and [mild] winter.) Also, everyone is on the same schedule, Fake Central runs on EST time, so please try to keep that in mind when posting.

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Misc [^]

So-and-so is being OOC! Can you ban them?

Nope. Since this is a dressing room, you'll find wildly different versions and interpretations of characters. One person's IC is another person's OOC. Just ignore someone if you don't like how they're playing, don't interact with them. You're free to offer up constructive criticism, but if they don't want to listen, that's their right.

You cannot be kicked out for playing OOCly; however, if another player approaches you and politely offers some advice, please don't go off on them or take it personally. You're free to ignore it, but you're not free to be pissy about it. Please try not to get angry, and if neither of you can agree on characterization try to avoid each other in the future.

Will there be events in Fake Central?

From time to time, there will be events within the city, both mod and player run, depending on the event and who comes up with it. Everyone will be told of any serious or involved plots well ahead of time, so that all can prepare. Please note that participating in these events is entirely optional. If you don't want your character to get involved in something, then you don't have to.

I don't like the plots or want to see something done here. who do I talk to about that?

Comment the mod contact post or send a PM to [personal profile] fmadressingmods.

How come I can't post tags in the community for my character?

Only mods can edit or add tags for the time being. This will change when we get more characters.

Is there a list of wanted characters I might check to see if I'm interested in any of them?

Not at the moment, although this might be added if interest is shown by the playerbase.

Is there a limit to how many characters I can play?

Of course not, this is a dressingroom.

What are the rules regarding going on hiatus?

As this is a dressingroom, hiatuses are not necessary. If you'd like to note a heads up that you will be away and unable to tag an extended period of time simply make a post in [community profile] fmadressingooc.

What about original characters?

Original characters are allowed in [community profile] fmaversedr only.

My old character info disappeared off of the info page!

The mods have not removed anyone's character information. New pages have been made to keep the community more organized, if you're unsure which organization page you posted your character's information to, perhaps a mod can help you locate it.

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