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In the center of Fake Central your character is presented with a giant sign. This is a magical sign posted here by a Hogwarts-verse Edward Elric several years ago in the original dressing room. Due to the magical nature of the sign it's legible to anyone, no matter their language or level of literacy. As long as at the sign is fully within their line of sight they will understand the contents and meaning.

It reads:


"This city is not the one you know.
The people walking around are from other worlds, don't be shocked if you find some that look like you and share your name. They arrived here out of the blue, just like you did just now.

If you need more information, stop someone who looks like you on the street.
Beware, though, there are many dangerous people around!

If you cannot find anyone you know, there is an Inn here that takes in people from alternate realities and gives them meal free of charge.
It's situated on the main avenue of this city.

This is a magical sign, and can be easily read even if you are far from it, as long as it is fully in your sight.
The sign is also fluorescent when it is dark.
The sign also provides a map to the Inn should your character concentrate on the location while in front of it.
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Comment in this post if you want people to be able to contact you! Give us your name, characters you play, email, IM handles, smoke signal coordinates, or whatever else you have handy.

It would help if you specified which DR you're currently/most active in too!

Of course, this is all completely optional.

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